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Politics affect nearly every aspect of our lives—from education and jobs to housing, healthcare and basic rights. War, peace, progress and chaos depends on what governments do, who supports them and how. If you are passionate about political interactions, ideas, government, international affairs, and the law, then a degree in political science—possibly with one of our three concentrations—is right for you. 

With a degree in political science, you will study the humanistic and scientific reasons of how and why society functions the way it does. In the UL Lafayette Department of Political Science, we’re committed to sharing our knowledge of political science with you, and we'd love for you to be a part of our thriving program.

As a student in our program, you'll choose one of three curriculum options, all of which result in a bachelor's degree in political science. The majority of our majors typically specialize in our pre-law concentration. The other half of our political science majors are studying either general political science, or specializing in our international relations concentration.


With our pre-law program, you will receive outstanding preparation for law school.  We have two pre-law faculty, both of whom act as pre-law advisors, and one of whom has a law degree. Together they offer a wide variety of law courses and extra-curricular activities related to law. 

Our pre-law courses focus on providing hands-on experience practicing the actual skills needed by lawyers, such as writing case briefs, applying law to factual hypothetical cases, and analyzing and evaluating legal arguments. Students also receive training in legal presentations through Mock Trial and Moot Court, including an additional competitive option on a Moot Court team. Our Law Club also helps prepare you for a career in law by helping you decide if a legal career is for you, and then by helping you maximize your chances of getting into law school. By the time you finish our program, you'll have learned to think and speak like a lawyer, and you'll be ready to hit the ground running when you enter law school!

Our majors have gone on study law in all the law schools in Louisiana, as well as law top-ranked law schools around the country. These former students are now practicing attorneys, judges, and elected officials all throughout Louisiana and the nation.

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Political Science

With our general political science program, you'll receive outstanding preparation for careers in government and politics.  We have several expert faculty who offer courses in all the branches and levels of government in the United States. As students in these general political science courses, you'll receive intensive written and analytical training, and have many experiential opportunities through local, state, and federal internships.

Many of our political science students have interned at the Louisiana State Legislature in Baton Rouge, as well as for federal representatives at the U.S. capitol in Washington, D.C. Many other of our political science students regularly work for and volunteer for local and regional campaigns and government staff at the local and state level, and receive political science internship course credit.

After graduation, our political science students go on to work as public administrators, legislative or executive staff, or even run for elected office themselves. Other of our graduates go on to advanced study in Master’s or Ph.D. programs in specialized areas of political science. If you want a career in government, politics, or academics, then our program is for you!

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International Relations

With our international relations program, you'll receive preparation for public-sector or private-sector jobs that have an international component.  Our international relations courses focus on studying politics within nations other than the United States, as well as the political relationships between nations, including the relationship between the United States and other nations.   As students in these courses, you'll learn about U.S. foreign policy, parliamentary systems, multi-party democracies, international conflict, security and anti-terrorism, and international trade and economic cooperation.   This study will help you become part of the global community. 

Besides course in our department, you'll minor in a field related in international relations, such as a foreign language, international history or economics, or world geography.  A greater knowledge of global citizenship will hep you prepare for work overseas, or work within the United States that involves political, business, or non-governmental-organizations (NGO) connections outside the United States. Our graduates have gone on to work all around the United States and in foreign countries  If this sounds like something you want to do, then our international relations program is for you!

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