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Academic Advising (Class Schedules)

Advising for each upcoming semester's classes occurs during a two-week period in the middle of the fall and spring semesters. You'll get advised in the fall for spring classes, and you'll get advised in the spring for summer and fall classes. Advising consists of meeting with your assigned faculty advisor about which classes you should take, and then you signing up for those classes on ULink.

Talk to your adivsor. To find out who your particular political science advisor is, log on to ULink and click on the Academics tab. There will be a box with your personal academic information, and your advisor will be listed at the bottom of the box. If you would like to know what times your advisor is available and how to set up an appointment with your advisor, you can contact the Department of Political Science by email or call us at 337-482-6164.


Before you meet with your advisor, first look up the schedule of classes for the upcoming semester on ULink from the Registration tab. Remember that only some of the classes in the course catalog are offered each semester, so you must check the schedule to see which courses are being offered in the upcoming semester.


Next, from the available courses and class times, figure out a tentative schedule that fits in with your curricula, interests, and your own personal class, work, family, and personal schedules.  Then, fill in that schedule with several alternate courses and sections as well, on the blue advising form available in our Department of Political Science office in Old Mouton Hall, Room 112.

When you have your blue advising form filled out, get your official advising folder from the Department of Political Science office. Bring your advising folder and your completed blue advising form to your advisor. Your advisor will then be able to give you advice and answer any questions you have about classes, your schedule, or what to do after graduation. Your advisor will also talk with you and make recommendations about getting help from campus support services if your advisor believes doing so will improve your chances of academic success.

Law School Advising

If you need information or advice about whether to go to law school, how to maximize your chances of getting into law school, or other question related to law school, please view the detailed information on our law school advising pages.

Graduate School Advising

If you're considering going to graduate school, speak with the political science faculty that teach in the areas closest to the areas you're considering studying.

Career Counseling

If you're unsure about what major is best for you, visit the Office of Career Services.