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International Relations Concentration

“Political Science majors who select the concentration in International Relations are exposed to more extensive language training and heightened cultural sensitivity. You will reap these benefits in addition to, rather than in place of, the same foundation in concepts and methods which other POLS majors receive. Many IR students are eager to think outside the confines of American politics which you were taught in high school, but others combine their interest in both American and foreign affairs through the study of US foreign policy. Either way, you will exercise your curiosity about the world in a challenging classroom environment.

“Studying International Relations at UL will also allow you to take advantage of the uniquely multilingual, multicultural, and entrepreneurial spirit of the city of Lafayette and of the Acadiana region. Major events like Festival International de Louisiane offer an astonishing variety of artistic performance, and local restaurants do equally well for our culinary options. Lafayette is a cornucopia, and those with small appetites need not apply. Moreover, major centers of international business and culture lie a short drive to the east and to the west of Cajun country, in New Orleans and Houston. Career opportunities in both business and government await IR students who long to travel to other countries physically, or even just to engage with the global economy through cyberspace.”

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