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If you're a student in the College of Liberal Arts, you're required to have an 18-hour minor in order to graduate.  Even if you're not required to have a minor, though, a minor will enhance your academic background and help improve your chances of getting a job, or getting into grad school or law school.  That's because a minor shows you have diverse interests, and have received a more well-rounded education.

Political science-related minors are excellent for students who hope to either work in government or work with government.  This includes journalism, sociology, criminal justice, education, history, and modern language majors.

The minors offered by the department are also perfect if you want to better understand how your career will be heavily affected by government, which all careers nowadays are!  Whether you want to know how to navigate government regulations of your occupation, or be able to influence the political system to change laws affecting you, your family, and your community, the minors we offer will do just that.  These minors are therefore perfect for business or economics majors!

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers four minors that heavily involve political science courses: political science, American politics, law, and international relations

Besides the four minors the Department of Political Science offers, you can also read more detailed minor requirements or learn about other minor options at UL Lafayette.